The following images are created by 'Avalon Tom' (Tomasz Biernacki) who is a JuNO "Junction 2035 working group" team member whose mission is to “Develop a plan for the Junction that outlines how we prefer to integrate Sound Transit into our neighborhood, and how the neighborhood should evolve around it.”.

These are unofficial images, not associated with Sound Transit. The images are based on the latest (April 16th 2018) drawings from ST that identify the 5 alternatives. The drawings available from Sound Transit are not very detailed and are a work in progress making it hard to produce a perfect simulation at this point. Our attempts to acquire higher resolution drawings or CAD from ST have not been successful. The images will be updated as new data becomes available to us. 

The purpose of these images is to provide a good massing visualization to aid evaluating the alternatives by the public and representatives.

All the 3D images found below are available for public and media use. If you would like larger, higher resolution images for printing, you can find them here.  They are also available for printing at ZEBRA print shop on corner of 35th and Fauntleroy. Just ask for "juno 5 alternatives project"

If you have any questions specifically regarding these renderings please feel free to contact Tomasz Biernacki at 707-339-1144 or  For general inquiries please contact Amanda Sawyer - Director of JuNO (West Seattle Junction Neighborhood Organization) or

Please note that the "Representative Alignment" has been re-named to "ST3 Representative Project (baseline)". There have been a few changes. Mainly the track is now taller over the Genesee crossing, Avalon and Fauntleroy and the track ends just short of crossing California and Alaska intersection.  It is unclear if this represents a 6th alternative at his point. The original renderings can still be accessed here. Please keep in mind the above when reviewing the original Representative Alignment renderings.