Architectural Rendering

A strong visual can help you to resolve design issues, and sell that city planning commission, zoning board, client or investor by showing them exactly what they need to see. We create high quality architectural renderings that give prospects a vivid representation of your project. Free up your firms resources, let Pechara Studio handle your renderings for a wide array of uses, including:

- City planning meetings
- Advertising
- Attract interest from investors
- Marketing and public relations
- Design consultations with clients

Our custom presentations are a high impact way to clearly and accurately communicate ideas and work out complex design issues.

Animations and Walk-Throughs

Give your prospects the sensation of walking through your completed project! Inspire them with a polished 3D animated walk-through presentation. Animated presentations are powerful tools for communicating with marketing departments, designers, and city planning commissions. With brilliant colors, and views from numerous angles, our animations accurately portray every detail of your project, from the landscaping to interior design. Pechara Studio creates high quality HD video presentations that can be streamed online, distributed on DVDs, or played on kiosks. We can even add music to your presentation.

Colored 2D Site Plans, Floor Plans and Elevations

Transform your floor plans, site plans and elevations into tools for inspiration. We can convert 2D, technical black and white CAD drawings into spectacular colored illustrations with a 3D look and feel. This dynamic process is our most affordable architectural rendering option. Pechara Studio uses dimension, color and shading to give your plans a realistic feel, and inspire stronger emotion from your prospects. These vibrant images are ideal for marketing projects such as real estate, marine boat floor plans and airplane designs. We prepare custom presentations that communicate your ideas in a way that is both appealing and accurate.

-Affordable way to communicate your designs clearly
-Professional presentations

Visual Analysis

Thrill your prospects with a vivid, realistic view of your finished project. Also known as photo overlays, or visual impact studies, visual analysis is an effective photo-realistic architectural rendering process. Pechara Studio uses state-of-the-art photo manipulation software to integrate the 3D portion of the project into existing photographs of the site and surrounding areas. We create our images by matching the perspective from an existing photograph with a digital rendering, and then merging them together. The resulting image accurately portrays the scale and orientation of your completed project in the actual location.  In addition to aiding with construction, imaging can help to address concerns about line-of-sight or visual environmental impact during the planning stages of a project.

- Show your project in real life environment
- Evaluate scale and line of sight issues
- Show your project in context of its surroundings

Technical Illustrations

It can be a challenge to clarify complex technical and green concepts to decision makers. Cut down on the explanations; use our detailed 3D illustrations and animations to demonstrate your vision. Concept visualization is a powerful tool for communicating effectively with non-technical personnel. Our precise, clear visuals highlight the most important aspects of complex concepts, from the big picture to the smallest detail.

-Explain complex ideas visually
-Show function of your product or design
-Communicate better with easy to understand technical illustrations

Green Illustration

Environmental concerns have become an integral part of building and property design. Position yourself as part of the solution. Use our detailed architectural renderings to promote the green aspects of your project. These specialized technical illustrations highlight everything from construction and landscaping, to materials and amenities. They are an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

- Showcase the LEED features of your project
- Easy to understand illustrations that show your green side
- Market your green project the right way!