My Olympics is an online documentary series currently in production.  The show is produced by Tomasz Biernacki and Philip 'Cougar Phil' Anderson with help from volunteers who believe in the show.

In 2014 My Olympics was successfully funded on the Indiegogo fundraising platform and is currently in production. For the latest information on the production, please visit My Olympics Facebook page For all the up-to-date episodes, please visit My Olympics Youtube Channel


Follow a former US Army Pathfinder, Philip 'Cougar Phil' Anderson, into the deep back-country of the Olympic Peninsula. Cougar Phil will explore:

    -Rainforest Survival 
    -Mission Planning, Research and Prep 
    -Survival Exploration Travel (SET) 
    -Aviation Archaeology 
    -Wildlife Observation 
    -Edible / Medicinal Plants and Insects 
    -Rarely Visited Locations 
    -Backpacking Tips
    -Legend and Lore of the Olympic Peninsula 

    This documentary series will take us deep into the wilderness. We will explore remote and rare places, and collect stories of people of the majestic Olympic Peninsula

      Episodes currently in the works include:

      Searching for a missing F-102A and Capt. Robert Lucas 
      Cougar Phil and his team will spend multiple missions searching for a missing F-102A supersonic fighter jet. This plane went missing somewhere in the Olympic Peninsula while on a mission immediately following the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. An extensive search was executed by the military - the pilot, nor the jet, were ever located. For several months, our team has been researching this event and have partnered with an aviation archaeologist to help narrow the geographical focus for the reconnaissance mission. The episode will follow the team into the deep wilderness while they explore the most likely locations of the wreck.

      Survival Quest
      'Cougar Phil' will lead us into the wilderness in an attempt to experience what the Native Americans call, the “Vision Quest.” We will rendezvous with a Native American elder - he will assist us in experiencing an authentic Vision Quest. Cougar Phil will spend 5 days and nights in the wilderness, armed only with his knife and survival kit. While living on gathered food alone, he will attempt to achieve the blessing of a true Vision Quest.

      Bushwhack to Lake Stephanie
       In this episode, 'Cougar Phil' will revisit a three day bushwhack to a previously unnamed lake, now bearing the name of Cougar Phil's wife. Along the way, we will demonstrate skills in navigation, tracking, shelter construction and travelling efficiently without the assistance of conventional trails. The area we have scouted for this episode is heavily visited by bears so wildlife safety will, undoubtedly, be addressed.

      Appreciating our neighbors in the wild: cougars 
      Cougar Phil will meet up with an expert to discuss different aspects of cougar life, habitat and safety.  There is still so much we don't know about the cougars that live in the Olympics.  Learning the basics from an expert will give us better appreciation, dispel many myths and give us confidence when facing wildlife. Our goal is to minimize negative encounters through correct behavior.

      Further episodes will also regularly include features such as stories told about the Olympics around a hand-built fire, and segments on edible plants, wilderness, back-packing and survival. There are additional episodes in the works that we want to keep a surprise, including short segments such as "Moments of Zen"

      The Olympic Mountains were the last explored wilderness of the lower 48. Many places, still, have rarely been visited by man. Cougar Phil has been sharing his Olympic Peninsula with friends for over 25 years and we are asking for your support in producing a documentary series that will bring the rugged Olympic Peninsula to the masses. Together, we will raise awareness for the protection of these magnificent, rare locations. Your support will provide us with the equipment necessary to produce a professional and all-inclusive series.

      The Team

      Philip 'Cougar Phil' Anderson- Host and Guide 
      Phil is a Seattle based avid outdoorsman who is the host and guide of 'My Olympics'.  Phil's background includes US Army Pathfinder in the 82nd Airborne, College Wrestler, Bicycle Messenger, Olympic Moutain Bike Guide and Race Promoter. After a short Pro MMA fight career Phil founded Summit Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Seattle where he holds a Purple Belt in the art (www.summitbjj.org). He has spent the last 25 years actively exploring the Olympic Peninsula and brings a lifetime worth of survival and exploration skills to the project. Among some of his accomplishments were leading the movement in the mid '90's for creation of the first legal Mt. Biking trail in the Olympic National Park and surviving a cougar attack in the park. (story here) 'Cougar Phil', as he is known around the Olympic peninsula has a unique approach to nature that no other current “survivor” show addresses or offers. On this project Phil is heavily involved in topic research and presenting the Olympic Peninsula to the audience in his unique outdoor style.

      Tomasz Biernacki- Director, filmmaker, editor
      Tomasz is a graphic artist and commercial illustrator with over 15 years of experience. He runs a boutique illustration studio in Seattle area (www.pechara.com). His work has appeared on CNN, HGTV and the Discovery Channel. He has experience with commercial art production, photography, video and editing. On this project Tomasz is in charge of production, directing, filming, and editing. He is also assisting Phil with story development, research and project direction.