Upcoming public screenings of ‘Trickle Down Town’
April 25th - Mt. Baker Neighborhood Meaningful Movies Project - More information
May 10th - Woodinville Meaningful Movies - More information
May 15th - Seattle U - More information soon
May 22nd - American Institute of Architects Seattle Committee on Homelessness (COHO) - More information
July 2nd - ST. JAMES CATHEDRAL. Seattle WA - More information Soon
August 9th - Gig Harbor Meaningful Movies - More information soon
Date / Time TBA - UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS CENTER, Seattle WA - More information soon.

In recent weeks KOMO4 news station, ran by Sinclair Broadcast Group, produced a very narrow, sensationalized production called ‘Seattle is Dying’. There are many good and in-depth articles written about this production ( Crosscut article, United way piece, Disability Rights WA piece, another Crosscut article, Stranger article , Real Change News article and Youth Care statement). At a recent public screening of ‘Trickle Down Town’, a gentleman offered up this proverb: “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

I have made ‘Trickle Down Town’ available for free to any reasonable Puget Sound organization or group that wants to host a public screening as a counter-narrative to the KOMO4 piece. As of April 19th 2019, The film is also available for online viewing below. I feel it’s important that people have a broad understanding of the complex issue that homelessness is in our modern times. Poverty is with us for many complex reasons, we can “light a candle” by understanding the roots of poverty and helping the less fortunate amongst us, or, give up and “curse the darkness”.

A segment of ‘Trickle Down Town’ features a community fueled project called Sound Foundations NW. The group is building tiny homes at Camp Second Chance in Seattle. Please consider a donation. 100% of your donation will go to purchasing needed materials to construct more tiny homes. I myself discovered this project while searching for solutions during the filming of ‘Trickle Down Town’ and have joined in building high quality transitional shelters for our neighbors in need. So far we have constructed 20 tiny homes and are on track to build many more with your support. The project is 100% ran by volunteer neighbors who want to be part of the solution.

Trickle Down Town - Complete Film. Original release: October 2018, Run time: 112 min. ©2019 Tomasz Biernacki - All rights reserved. No part of this content may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission. To share this video, please share “www.pechara.com” or contact Tomasz Biernacki for permission to use the film in any other delivery format or online outlet.

Synopsis: Tomasz Biernacki’s thought-provoking documentary about the homeless crisis in Seattle. Deftly interweaving in-depth stories of community members who are living the crisis on the streets with interviews of political leaders and community advocates, vivid images of the current state of affairs and a poignant examination of the roots of homelessness in the region, Biernacki paints a picture of a city struggling to come to grips with an unprecedented emergency, and finds a few glimmers of hope.
Film Trailer is available on youtube

Thank you to the following groups for hosting public showings of ‘Trickle Down Town’
October 21st 2018 - Historic Admiral Theater in West Seattle Premiere night - “Sold out”
November 3rd 2018 - West Seattle Meaningful Movies - Record turnout
November 15th 2018 - Housing Resources Bainbridge Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Council Chambers at City Hall on Bainbridge
December 2nd 2018 - SIFF Film Center - Private screening sponsored by Real Change News Q&A with Director Tomasz Biernacki and Tim Harris
December 3rd 2018 - Renton Meaningful Movies
December 14th 2018 - Puget Ridge Cohousing in West Seattle
December 19th and 20st 2018 - Escala Seattle - Downtown
December 27th 2018 - Sustainable Cinema at the Dragonfly Cinema in Port Orchard
January 4th 2019 - Wallingford Meaningful Movies in Seattle
January 8th 2019 - Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies in Seattle
January 25th 2019 - Life Justice and Peace Group, Burien WA
January 30th 2019 - King County Council with the UW Law, Societies and Justice Department at the Ethnic Cultural Theatre, Seattle
February 20th 2019 - Seattle Central College, Humanities department screening
February 21st 2019 - White Center Community Development Association
February 24th 2019 - Fauntleroy Church UCC in West Seattle
February 27th 2019 - The dock: Centre for Social Impact, Victoria, BC
February 28th 2019 - Ark Lodge Cinemas Seattle, WA - fundraiser for tiny homes at Camp Second Chance
March 2nd 2019 - East Shore Unitarian Church Bellevue, WA
March 7th 2019 - Private screening at Senior Housing Alliance Group, Arrowhead Gardens West Seattle
March 11th 2019 - Port Townsend Meaningful Movies, Port Townsend,WA
March 22nd 2019 - The Northwest School , Seattle WA - private screening for student body
March 22nd 2019 - Nordstrom Corporate offices, Seattle WA - private screening
March 25th 2019 - Kavana Cooperative in Seattle
March 28th 2019 - Burien Library, Burien, WA - Hosted by Council Member Marx
March 29th 2019 - Tacoma Meaningful Movies
April 3rd 2019 - Renton Library, Renton, WA
April 12th 2019 - Wedgwood Meaningful Movies - Seattle WA
April 12th 2019 - Maltby Meaningful Movies - Snohomish, WA
April 14th 2019 - TIbbetts United Methodist Church - West Seattle, WA
April 19th 2019 - University of Washington School of Dentistry - (student only event)

If your group would like to host a public screening, please contact Tomasz Biernacki

Bonus: Extra interview not used in the final version of film. (Early edit)